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Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme.
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About BDI Equipments

We specialize in offering a diverse range of construction equipment, including mini excavators, mini skid steers, skid steer loaders, and more. We also provide customization options for our equipment to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We have multiple warehouse locations, including Ontario, Montreal, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and New York. This allows us to serve our customers efficiently and ensure timely delivery.

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We strongly recommend making a reservation for a better experience.

Apart from selling equipment, we also offer rental options for those who need equipment for a specific period or project in GTA area

Yes, we offer extensive customization options for our equipment in areas such as color, hydraulic system, engine, seat size, AC/heater, control pattern, and attachments.

Pre Sale Questions

Selecting the right bucket for your equipment involves considering the material type, bucket capacity, and the machine's power and size. For heavier materials, choose a stronger, more durable bucket. Match the bucket size with your machine's operating capacity to ensure efficient and safe operations.

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To optimally select a skid steer for your project, it's crucial to consider several key factors:

Site Dimensions: Assess the spatial constraints of your work environment. If the project area is confined or has limited maneuverability, a compact skid steer model is advisable. Our 36-inch model is particularly suited for such conditions, offering efficient operation in tight spaces.

Terrain Type: Evaluate the nature of the terrain where the skid steer will operate. Different terrains may require specific features in terms of traction, stability, and power.

Task Requirements: Determine the nature and intensity of the tasks. For light to moderate duties, a smaller skid steer can be sufficient. However, for more demanding tasks, such as heavy lifting or extensive earthmoving, a larger model with enhanced power and capacity is preferable. In this context, our 42-inch model stands out as a robust option, capable of handling heavier workloads and more challenging tasks.

By considering these factors, you can make a well-informed decision in selecting a skid steer that not only meets your project requirements but also ensures efficient and effective operation in your specific work environment, such as accessing and maneuvering in backyards.

Our team of experts is always available to guide you in selecting the right equipment for your project. We also provide detailed specifications and features for each product on our website.

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Yes, all our equipment comes with a standard warranty. The duration and terms of the warranty vary depending on the equipment type and model.

Each equipment comes with a detailed user manual that provides maintenance guidelines. We also offer support and services to assist you in maintaining your equipment in top condition.

We recommend that customers visit our maintenance page to discover helpful tips and tricks for extending the lifespan of their machine.

Technical Questions

When selecting equipment, consider factors like load capacity, engine power, hydraulic system capabilities, size dimensions, and any specific features relevant to your project. Our product listings provide detailed technical specifications for each item.

Yes, many of our equipment models are designed to be compatible with a range of attachments. You can check the compatibility under the product description or contact our technical team for guidance.

Our user manuals provide a troubleshooting section for common issues. Additionally, our technical support team is available to assist you with any challenges.

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