Maintenance Videos

Dive into BDI Equipments' Maintenance Videos section, a resource designed to guide both seasoned craftsmen and beginners through the process of ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of their machinery.

Whether you're looking to understand intricate assembly techniques or gather essential maintenance knowledge, our step-by-step video tutorials empower you with hands-on guidance.

From gathering materials to navigating through essential maintenance tasks, our Maintenance Videos section is crafted to provide you with the insights necessary for optimal machinery care.

Mini Excavator BD-2A / BD-4A / BD-4A+

Air Filter Change

Mini Skid Steer BEX-2 / BEX-3

Air Filter Change

Wheel Loader BDWL-20

Heat Valve Operation

Wheel Loader BDWL-07

Fuse Unplug

Mini Excavator SWE 18UF / 20UF / 25UF / 35UF / 60UF

Quick Change Tutorial


Balancing and Lifting Tutorial

Mini Skid Steer BEX-A4 Trencher

Loose Chain Fix

Mini Excavators BD-2A / BD-4A

Daily Check

Skid Steer Loader SWTL-3230 / SWTL-4538

Heater Control Valve

Mini Skid Steer BEX-2 / BEX-3

Oil Change