Our Customers' Reviews

Discover how our range of robust equipment from mini excavators to skid steers empowers our customers in their construction and landscaping projects. Read their testimonials and join our growing community of satisfied clients

Mini Excavator Sunward 18 UF

Jimmy Tsiantis at Green Home Construction Inc.

"This versatile machine handles excavation, demolition, and concrete work, and its well-balanced design and power tackle any task with ease. It's a perfect 10 out of 10."

Mini Skid Steer BEX-3

Sam Apostolou at Universal Builders

Giving the house an affordable makeover for the customers is what Sam works for every day. With the help of BDI Equipments, he can handle loading, demolition, and concrete work and craft beautiful houses that allow customers to relish and enhance their living experience.

Mini Excavator BDI BD-4A+

Jason Spademan at TKL Group

Are you looking for an affordable and easy-to-use solution in today's tough market? With its unbeatable price and a powerful Japan-made Kubota motor, our BD-4A mini excavator guarantees top-notch quality and performance. 🚀

Mini Skid Steer BEX-3

Moeini Reza at Icon Landscaping/Oasis Pool and Landscaping Inc.

Reza, a seasoned construction pro in Toronto, raves about Mini Skid Steer Bex-3: "It's one of the very nice and easy handling machines. It takes smoothness to a whole new level, like becoming one with the machine!