Track Loader Sunward SWTL 4538-BDI Equipments
Track Loader Sunward SWTL 4538-BDI Equipments
Track Loader Sunward SWTL 4538-BDI Equipments

Track Loader Sunward SWTL 4538

Built for Multitasking The SWTL4538 is truly compact (6.7″ width) and lightweight (9,700 lbs), its small frame allows easy, safe, and secure transport behind a pickup truck.It can be easily maneuverable in small spaces and rough terrain Reliable Performance Despite its compact size, the SWTL4538 has impressive breakout force, huge...

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August Edward
250 HOUR Review of SWTL4538 by August Edward of Rockingham Ontario

We purchased the first 75hp SUNWARD compact track loader (skid steer) to come to Canada. I maintain a 400 acre vacation rental property with recreational trails (Littlefoot Fields), as well as manage a small residential construction business (Battiston Group).

The SWTL4538 has been well worth the money. Engine and hydraulics systems are industry standard, made in Japan and Italy respectively. I live 3 hours from Toronto but my local Kubota dealer in Cobden will honour the warranty service on the engine and have been helpful with parts, filters, approved oil.

The machine seems to be a copy of a 1990s era skid loader design. Which seems to be the peak of efficiency before the americans started making them more electronic and complicated. It does have a modern DPF (diesel particulate filter) and engine design, making it very quiet and low emissions.

It is very powerful and lives up to its specs. High flow hydraulics works okay, but be careful not to stress the system. Most implements I run are standard flow.

The machine is at a fantastic price point, but you do get what you pay for as some of the minor parts (ie bolts, hinges, grease nipples) are made of inferior steel and break easily. The bolt pins on the Quick Attach are finicky, but if you take care to grease them (I use 5th wheel grease direct on the pin as the grease nipple is placed awkwardly) and keep them clear of debris they do work okay. The spring tensioners on them must also be adjusted periodically.

The original grease nipples for the track tensioners both broke after a few dozen hours, but have been fine since being replaced.

The hinges on the engine compartment doors are made of steel that bends easily and one must take care in opening and closing them. So far I have managed, but they will need to be replaced in the future.

Be ware of the engine air intake location, as it is situated next to an area where debris can collect. During fall bush work, I had to periodically remove dead leaves from this area.

The dials and gauges in the cab are also of low quality, and its hard to trust them sometimes, but I do like that there are few electronic/computerized components. This is a simple design and looks like it will hold up with a heavy duty work load.

There are two manuals, one for the Kubota engine and one for the Sunward designed body. The Sunward manual is a poor translation to English and I am often left scratching my head, for example about what fuse is for which operation or where the do-hickey is for the thing-a-ma-bobber.

I have over 250 hours on it now and have been doing some heavy duty lot clearing and road building activities with no major issues! And feel very comfortable with the strong warranty policy.

Thanks to BDI for the opportunity to drive the first machine of its kind in Canada! It is definitely making me money at this point and I aim to purchase a SUNWARD 6 ton excavator as my business grows.

Oh, and we love the colour ;) All the neighbours are jealous

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